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NuGet Package Explorer 1.1 release notes

Overall, this release focuses on improving performance and usability of the application, while still adding a number of small features that I’m sure you’ll like.

1. Save package metadata

Under File menu, you’ll find a new Save Metadata As… command, which allows you to save the current package’s metadata into a .nuspec file.

2. Easily add predefined framework folders under lib.

Package Explorer 1.0 allows you to easily add special top-level folders (content, lib and tools) to your package. In 1.1, the experience is even better; you can now right click on the ‘lib’ folder and select common folders to add to it. So, no more remembering what the correct name of Windows Phone folder is.


3. Work with different network proxies.

Some users reported that Package Explorer 1.0 didn’t work well with some network proxies. We have fixed this issue (or so we hope Winking smile) in 1.1., thanks in large to the two new contributors, @iLyaLozovyy and @BrianHartung.

4. The Select Package dialog now shows Rating values


Of course, you can sort by Rating value too. And speaking of this dialog, it is now smart enough to do a Select query on the Odata feed so that it only queries the five displayed properties (Id, Version, Authors, Rating and Downloads), instead of querying for all package metadata as in 1.0. As a result, the total download size is cut in half for every page. Coupled with the fact that the server has now enabled gzip compression feature, this dialog should load really fast.

5. Take advantage of NuGet local machine cache

NuGet 1.3 introduces a local machine cache where it stores the most recently downloaded packages. Package Explorer 1.1 will know to look into this cache before attempting to download packages.

6. Drag and drop files between folders

In 1.0, you can drag files from Windows Explorer into the Package contents panel to add files. Now in 1.1, you can also drag and drop files between different folders.

7. Save package directly from the Edit Package Metadata view

In 1.0, while you are editing package metadata, you have to click the OK button before you can save the current package. Package Explorer 1.1 eliminates that extra step. If you click Ctrl+S (or choose File – Save) while in edit view, it will automatically validate the inputs. If all inputs are valid, it will close the edit view and save package at the same time. Otherwise, if one of the inputs is invalid, the package is NOT saved and you remain in the edit view.

8. Show visual aid when the package is dirty

Package Explorer 1.1 will show a blue dot at the bottom right corner whenever your package becomes dirty, e.g. you have edited metadata or added/deleted a file.

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