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OneClick and Window 8.1 Continuous App Spawning...


I just installed the latest NuGet Packager Explorer for the first time (based upon Channel9 recommendations) using the OneClick option. As soon as the application started, I got a prompt stating I was on Windows 8 and wanted to know if I wanted to open up Microsoft Store and install the Windows 8 version. But before I could respond, OneClick decided to check for updates and started a new copy of NuGet Packager Explorer. Which in
turn did the same thing, again and again and again... You get the picture. Before, I could blink I had 10+ copies running and counting! It felt like I was attacked by a virus!!

I had to open Task Manager and start killing things as fast as possible and eventually I was able to get ahead of this nightmare.

In the end I was able to stop things and get the application to work as expected.
Closed Feb 23, 2016 at 11:29 PM by JulianV
The Window store popup has been removed since 3.10