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An issue with Save As and text files


I am running NuGet Package Explorer version and seem to have found an issue with using the Save As dialog to save a text file out of a NuGet package.

When using the Save As dialog to export and overwrite a text file, the resulting exported file is incorrect and is a "blending" of the two files.

  1. Extract the attached
  2. Open the 5LinesOfText.txt file and verify the contents
  3. Open the MyPackage.1.0.0.nupkg and verify the contents of the 3LinesOfText.txt
  4. From within NuGet Package Explorer, right click on the 3LinesOfText.txt file and choose Save As
  5. In the Save As dialog, choose to the 5LinesOfText.txt file, click Save, and choose Yes to overwrite the file
Expected result
The 5LinesOfText.txt should match the contents of the 3LinesOfText.txt file.

Actual result
The two files appear to be "blended" together.

I've attached to this bug the files I used to recreate the issue.

file attachments