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NuGet Package Explorer 1.5 release notes

In addition to many bug fixes and usability enhancements, this release introduces 4 new features.

1. Windows Vista/Windows 7-styled dialogs

In 1.5, you will notice that MessageBox dialogs have been replaced with Task Dialogs that were introduced in Windows Vista. On Windows XP machines, it will revert back to MessageBox. Here are a couple of screenshots:




2. Improved Select Package dialog

In 1.1 and earlier versions, the Select Package dialog shows all versions of the packages but do not group them by Id. This sometimes makes it difficult to get the latest version of a popular package because the latest version may not always have the most downloads.

Now in 1.5, by default, the dialog will show only the latest version of each package, but with a twist. The download count and rating for each package will be the aggregate values of all versions of that Id.


Notice the checkbox at the bottom. Unchecking that box will show all versions of the packages instead of just the latest versions. However, unlike in 1.1, the packages are now grouped by Id. Sorting by download count or rating are still based on the aggregate values.


Another improvement to this dialog is that when you close it, it will be hidden in the background instead of getting discarded. So the next time you open it, it is simply brought back to the front in the same state as when you closed it. This means you don’t lose your search query and page number.

3. Plugin mechanism for showing file contents

Before 1.5, Package Explorer can’t display content of binary files inside a package. In 1.5, an MEF-based plugin mechanism is added to remedy this. Plugins can register themselves to handle showing one or more file extensions. There are two built-in plugins that show the contents of .net assemblies and image files. You can also write new plugins to handle unsupported file extensions. For a tutorial of how to write plugins for Package Explorer, read here.

4. Resizable Package Metadata panel

If you find the default width of the Package Metadata panel too small, here’s a good news for you. You can now resize it by dragging the grip between the package metadata panel and the package content panel.

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