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Release notes for NuGet Package Explorer 1.6

1. New UI theme

Now that Package Explorer has become an essential tool in the NuGet community, I realize that it deserves a better look and feel than the default WPF style. In this release, I have decided to apply a modern UI theme to make Package Explorer look more like a professional development tool. I won’t post a screenshot here in order to keep it as a surprise. (There won’t be any prize for guessing correctly where I copy the theme from.)

2. Publish package to a custom source

Before 1.6, you can only publish packages to gallery. Recently, however, the increasing popularity of brings about the needs to publish packages to custom package sources. So I’ve added just that in 1.6. The Publish Package dialog now allows you to set the Publish Url and the corresponding Publish key. Notice in the screenshot below that it’s a combo box instead of a simple text box, which means it will remember the most recently used publish Urls. And even better, it also remembers the Publish key used for each Publish url.




3. Drag folders into Package contents pane

Prior to 1.6, you can add files to the current package by dragging files from Windows Explorer into the “Package contents” pane. You can’t, however, drag folders into it. In 1.6, this limitation has been removed. Drag whatever you like now Winking smile. Note that when  you drag a folder, all sub folders and files inside it are recursively added to the package.

4. Framework assembly name dropdown

New in 1.6, when you edit package metadata and want to add framework assembly references, you’ll find it convenient that the text box control for Assembly name has been replaced by a combo box, with all the common .NET 4.0 assembly names pre-populated. It allows you to easily select the assembly names without typing them. Note that it’s still up to you to determine which target frameworks the selected assembly applies to. Package Explorer won’t do that for you.


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